AP20 Fully-automated rapid solvent extractor


AP20 Fully-Automatic Fast Solvent Extractor is a multi-channel full-automatic rapid solvent extraction instrument equipped with an extraction tank of 33 ml or less. It is suitable for routine analysis of foods and foods. It has a high sample throughput and can be unattended and continuously processed 24 times. Different samples.

Features   AP20 is a fully automated design that can continuously extract 24 samples. The sample has a large throughput and high extraction efficiency. It is widely used in environmental analysis, pharmaceuticals, daily food safety, petrochemicals, energy and many other fields.   Temperature range: room temperature ~200°C;   pressure range: atmospheric pressure ~ 20MPa;   extraction time: 8min ~ 20min;   extraction cell volume: 11mL, 22mL, 34mL;   furnace: 360-degree full-week heating, ± 1°C temperature control;   pressure control unit : Balanced pressure control, ±0.3MPa pressure control;   new four-element solvent mixer, can achieve a variety of automatic solvent ratio and the switch between different solvents; the   extract can be online filtration, automatic purification;   built-in temperature and pressure control And over-voltage protection system to ensure safe and reliable operation of the instrument. Applications   include environmental analysis, agricultural product safety, food nutrition, pharmaceuticals, natural product extraction, explosives analysis, petrochemicals, energy, and many other fields, suitable for existing gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, chromatography and mass spectrometry, etc. deal with. The advantage of   rapid solvent extraction technology has been developed in recent years in a high temperature (up to 200 °C), high pressure (up to 20MPa) rapid extraction of solid or semi-solid sample pretreatment methods, and commonly used Soxhlet extraction Compared with ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction and other methods, the extraction time can be greatly shortened, the extraction efficiency can be improved, the amount of extraction solvent can be reduced, the extraction cost of a single sample can be significantly reduced, and the advantages of being solvent-saving, rapid, healthy and environment-friendly, and high degree of automation can be achieved.   Ultra High Performance   AP20 series extracted with sequential sample processing mode, the system automatically cleaning line, line-line filter and purification operation, high efficiency, easy to use, convenient;   rapid extraction   The average time for APLE to process each sample is 8 to 20 minutes, which saves a lot of time compared to the traditional extraction technology. Moreover, while the AP20 extracts the sample, the experimenter can also perform other work; the   environmental health   APLE significantly reduces the extraction time. The amount of solvent used is only a few milliliters to several tens of milliliters for the solvent consumption of each sample, and the entire extraction process of AP20 is automated and completely closed, effectively reducing the volatilization of organic solvents and the time for workers to contact organic solvents. Environmental protection, health and safety;   convenient and flexible conditions for optimization   Sample extraction parameters include: extraction pressure, extraction temperature, extraction time, flush volume, extraction times, sample cleaning, etc., all users can set flexibly, and the optimization of extraction conditions is convenient and flexible;   automation degree The   fully automated AP20 sample extraction process can be completely unattended. The entire sample extraction process: solvent loading, heating, pressurization, extraction, collection, filtration, purification, and cleaning are fully automated in one step.
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