FI60 Automatic flow injection analyzer


FI60 automatic flow injection analyzer, multi-channel analysis, superior performance, application of non-steady state FIA theory to ensure the rapid and accurate analysis process; automatic analysis, without manual intervention; multi-channel analysis, software workstations support up to 8 simultaneous detection Each analysis channel contains an independent pump and detection system that can be used as an independent analytical instrument.

FI60 Automatic Flow Injection Analyzer

Product Features
Multi-channel analysis, superior performance; 
application of non-steady state FIA ​​theory to ensure the analysis process is fast and accurate; 
automatic analysis, without manual intervention; 
multi-channel analysis, the software workstation supports up to 8 simultaneous detection, each analysis channel comprises a separate pump and detection systems, it can be used as independent analytical instrument; 
easy injection system, accuracy, high degree of automation; 
high-precision sample peristaltic pump, tubing long life, loss of small, precise amount of sample; 
ratio Diluter can automatically prepare the calibration curve and online dilution of the sample, double needle design, increase the dilution and precision; 
optional 160-position polar or 360-dimensional three-dimensional autosampler: 
AS-90 polar coordinate automatic Sampler: 160 sample trays to support double-needle injections; 
AS-100 3-D autosampler: 360-sample trays to support four-needle injections; 
reaction system is safe, efficient, fast and accurate; 
advanced online degassing means online remove air bubbles, to avoid interference; 
separate reaction line, without any hardware replacement method of operation, and easy maintenance; 
online Heat, distillation, extraction, reduction, condensation, quickly and accurately process the samples, sample and reagent consumption is low; 
accurately set the heating temperature of the reaction, a small temperature difference range, high precision temperature control; 
sample and reagent closed environment, to avoid contact with the experimenter Harmful reagents, improve safety performance; 
detection system is stable, reliable, and flexible in 
application ; apply double-beam principle, automatically correct blank standard, ensure extremely high sensitivity and extremely low drift; 
high sensitivity digital spectrophotometer, completely controlled by computer, No need to manually adjust the baseline;
Detection process fast and efficient and reliable results; 
can be connected to the other detectors: PH meter, ion-selective electrodes, flame photometers and the like; 
Chinese operation system, convenient sample set; 
a method to pre-program, automatic data processing and storage; 
Job The curve is automatically generated and the sample concentration is automatically returned. 
Test items
Water and sewage: Volatile phenol, cyanide, total cyanide, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, soluble sulfide, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia nitrogen, silicate, anionic surfactant, orthophosphate, hexavalent Chromium, soluble boride, fluoride, urea, total alkalinity, total hardness, acidity, color, calcium, magnesium, formaldehyde, etc.; 
soil and plants: total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen, phosphate, Sulfates, silicates, urea, etc.; 
Fertilizers: ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, total nitrogen, potassium, urea, fluoride, etc.; 
food grains: total phosphorus, total nitrogen, starch, cyanide, iodide Etc.; 
beverages and beer: carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, total sugar and reducing sugar, etc.; 
milk and products: total phosphorus, total nitrogen, urea, etc.; 
meat products: nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, total nitrogen, etc. 
Application Examples
Determination of Volatile Phenols in Seawater In- 
line distillation-flow injection spectrophotometric method for the determination of volatile phenols in seawater, avoiding manual distillation and CHC13 extraction processes, improving work efficiency and safety

Volatile phenol working curve
Volatile phenol detection signal

c/ mg. L-1

Spike Recovery / (%)

Concentration before spike

Average spiked concentration

Measured concentration

















Seawater Determination and Recovery in Mariculture Areas
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